Important question for active women who love exploring, travel and hiking but who’ve been stopped in their tracks by foot pain.

If there was a simple, step-by-step way to get pain-free feet that can take you everywhere you want to go from the local organic farmers’ market to hiking the Camino without buying expensive orthotics, making endless PT visits or enduring risky and painful surgery.

Would you finally feel ready to make building better feet your #1 body priority?

Here’s Why Anything Short of an Enthusiastic


Is Costing You Big Time

Every day spent is another day lost

Every day you’re not working to rebuild your feet is another day you’re stuck at home while your hiking group buddies hit the trails. 

It’s another day lost to that desperate feeling that your feet are failing and you’ll never be able to live your normal life again.

And Even Worse

It’s another day wasted on short term fixes that drain your energy and your bank account while they leave you in more pain, more frustrated, and more worried that you’re never going to be able to leave this behind.

If you know, deep in your heart,
it must be possible to fix your feet, but you just don’t know where to start with all the overwhelming, contradictory and downright confusing information out there...


If you’ve tried all the mainstream solutions like orthotics, supportive shoes, rest, icing, cortisone shots or night splints and they’ve just left you in more pain…

Then keep reading...

Because right now could be the

pivotal moment...

The pivotal moment that you’ll look back on in a few weeks when your feet are feeling like a connected part of your body instead of like lumps of meat stuck in shoes, as you have a crystal-clear path forward and you have the confidence knowing that now it’s just a matter of time.




Let me know if this sounds familiar?

I’d been having foot issues on and off for a long time. Plantar fasciitis, some nerve stuff, weird pain in my mid-foot. When one bit got better, another bit started hurting.

But things were getting better.

I was doing all the right things. I took a few months off from walking and just drove or took the subway to run errands. I did my foot exercises. All of them. Every day. The physio was working. I started walking more and my feet seemed to be fine for the first time in ages.

So I got all optimistic and we booked a trip to Oaxaca in Mexico to do one of our dream hikes, the Pueblos Mancomunados. We’d be walking for days through ancient indigenous villages in the beautiful Sierra Norte mountains, sleeping in simple but cozy cabins with big romantic fire places, and eating delicious traditional Mexican foods from the villages.

I was so excited.

Until one day I woke up and climbed out of bed. As my foot hit the hardwood floor I felt something shift in the bones and then a sharp pain. I sat back down on the bed, curled myself into the soft, warm billows of the duvet and felt my foot throb. I wanted to throw up, it hurt so much.

As the pain slowly faded into a deep, ominous ache, all I could think about was our hike. I wasn’t going to be able to walk for 6 hours on mountain trails. I’d been fooling myself to think I was strong and capable.

My brain just kept going around and around on all the things I was going to miss out on. We were going to have to cancel our hike and it was my stupid fault because my body was failing.

We were going to lose our deposit with the guides. I was going to have to spend more money on physio. I’d be lucky if I could even walk around the Oaxaca city markets. I’d be left behind in our hotel room while my husband got to go exploring.

I couldn’t trust my body.

I wasn’t even able to do the everyday life stuff that should have been easy. I felt betrayed, angry and desperate – it was so unfair after I’d worked so hard. I’d been feeling so much better and now here I was, right back to ground zero.

Ground zero.


Sounds familiar doesn't it?

You've tried to do all the right things.
Isn't it time your body felt like your BFF instead of like a prison cell?

You're energetic, determined and motivated.

You've never been a couch potato, and you've always loved being out and active.

You deserve to be out there enjoying your best life!

If you book a trip to Tuscany, you should be able to spend the days with your husband, wandering ancient bridges, people-watching near the Duomo and maybe enjoying a glass of Lambrusco at a standing-room only enoteca near the San Lorenzo market – not spending all day on a deck chair at your Airbnb reading The Turn of The Key waiting for him to get back.

You should be able to grab your water bottle and hit the trails with your hiking group on Mondays and Wednesdays. WITHOUT having to wonder if you’re going to pay for your hike by spending hours with your feet in a bucket of ice water. 

And if you want to walk to your favourite coffee shop on Thursday morning to meet your best friend for an almond milk latte and some window shopping? Well, you should be able to do that too. 

And when you snag a coveted permit for the Rim-to-Rim trail in the Grand Canyon, you should be able to enjoy the otherworldly beauty of the red rocks and the mighty Colorado. WITHOUT having to worry for a second that your feet might make your adventure of a lifetime into hell on earth.

When you can finally depend on your feet to take you all the places you want to be...whether it's long days in the mountains or the Boston marathon or out walking your new rescue pup...

...everything changes.

But before you can confidently make the plans you're dreaming of, you must first understand...

The Five Reasons You're Still Getting Stopped In Your Tracks By Foot Pain.

And what you need to do about them.


You've never been one for crazy stilettos.

But a nice pair of heels was just part of being professional and looking the part back before you retired. Low, reasonable heels.

Good, sturdy hiking boots are just what you wear to go hiking…right?

And ever since your feet started bothering you, everyone's told you to choose supportive shoes.

You've been trying to do all the right things but somehow your feet still hurt.

And that's because most shoes -- whether your nicest heels, the sensible sandals you take travelling or even your trusty hiking boots -- are TERRIBLE for your feet.

It's not your fault -- you've tried to buy shoes that feel good and look good. But the biggest root cause of all foot problems is that shoe companies are making shoes for fashion, protection and support -- and not for healthy feet.

The truth is, human feet are supposed to be extremely strong and mobile. You can see this from their structure, with 26 bones and 33 joints in each foot. They're supposed to be wider at the toes than at the heel, they're supposed to have a muscular and supportive arch structure and they're supposed to be flat on the ground, not lifted at the heel.

If your shoes have pointy toes, they've been pinching your foot bones together.

If your shoes have any lift at the heel, they've been pitching your whole body weight forward so you're squashing the front of your foot.

And if your shoes have rigid soles, they're stopping your foot muscles from getting strong and flexible.

I'd bet a million dollars that your shoes all have a combination of narrow toes, raised heels, and rigid bottoms. Go check and then come back to find out what you need to do about it.

What You Need

You need to slowly transition to foot-friendly shoes that will let your feet return to a more natural shape and naturally build strength and mobility. And you need to support your transition with gentle exercises that help you build strong, capable feet.

I'm sorry.

Your podiatrist is probably a great guy, who genuinely wants to help you out.

Problem is, podiatrists (and way too many physios and doctors and surgeons) are still living in the 1950's when it comes to foot solutions. You know, that era when doctors used recommend smoking cigarettes. Yah. Basically that.

99.9% of podiatrists and other so-called foot specialists are going to tell you that you need orthotics and supportive shoes to fix foot problems.

And what happens when you put a complex structure like the human foot into a rigid and unmoving boot made out of orthotics and heavy shoe rubber?

You basically get a cast. Like the ones they put on your arm when you break it to stop you from moving.

And what happens when you put a body part into a cast?

It stops moving. It gets weak. It wastes away.

The truth is, when someone's told you to put your feet into orthotics and supportive footwear for years and years, they haven't done you any favors.

They've given you a device that might help your symptoms for a while but in the long run makes your feet weaker and stiffer. And they never even addressed the root cause of your foot pain which is almost always…weak, stiff feet.

What You Need

You need a systematic, step-by-step program to help you regain the strength and suppleness your feet need so they can actually work the way they were supposed to all along. Which will help them heal and feel better along the way.

The truth is, no-one's ever told you that your feet needed to get exercise.

Cardio, sure.

Weight-bearing exercise, absolutely.

Core strength, all the time.

But along the way, everyone kind of forgot about your feet.

Well, you're not alone.

Feet are actually the most important body part for our whole body movement capacity because they're what connects us to the ground.

AND for most of us, they're the weakest, stiffest least-used part because our shoes immobilize our feet.

But somehow our entire fitness culture has been ignoring them and focusing on booty-burning, HIIT workouts to help us look good in our bikinis.

Which would be fine, except now it's your feet that are paying the price.

What You Need

You need to make creating strong, sustainable and pain free feet your exercise priority. The bonus? You're going to discover that foot work makes your entire body stronger and helps everything else feel and work better.

Let me guess: when your feet hurt, it's all too easy to turn to Dr. Google.

Suddenly you have a diagnosis and you're getting lost in All. The. Things. First you learned that you need to do more calf raises.

Then you learned that you need to do more calf stretching.

Then you read that stretching doesn't actually work.

But then someone said that you have to stretch the tops of your feet. Or perhaps you actually need to roll your feet out on a frozen water bottle. But wait, what about those calf raises?! And someone just said you need to work on your hips too.

After 87 attempts to figure out what's actually going to help your feet, you're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and scattered.

What kind of equipment do you need? Should you really buy a $200 balance beam? How about a Theragun?

How do you know what exercises are going to help your unique body? Stretching, strengthening, or both? How much time will this take? What should you do first?

Ugh. Like I said…

All. The. Things.

And honestly, most of them have a place.

But it's in knowing the right sequence these strategies must be executed -- and how to modify them for your unique body with complete confidence --- that allows you to move forward on fixing the root causes of foot issues.

What You Need

You need confidence to double down on a super clear, "first do this, then do that" exercise program that gives you visible changes and unwavering motivation to keep stacking up the wellness wins.

Maybe you've tried doing foot rehab before.

If so, tell me if this sounds familiar.

You went to your physio and left with a handful of really boring, repetitive foot exercises that you were supposed to do three times a day, every day.

Then when you tried doing the exercises at home, suddenly you're not sure if you're doing them right. They made perfect sense when your PT was there, but now you're not sure any more. Are they even helping if you're not doing them right?

And honestly, it's pretty boring stuff.

So maybe you try doing them just once a day instead.

Then one day you're busy and you forget them completely.

One day becomes two days. Then three. And then a few days later you finally admit to yourself that you're actually NEVER going to do those exercises?

You ended up feeling like a failure. Ugh.

After all, what you really want to be doing is hiking, exploring, adventuring -- not getting stuck inside doing the same confusing yet boring exercises day in and day out.

But your feet still hurt so now you're basically feeling like a couch potato.

Building strong, supple, pain-free feet has everything to do with committing to a consistent and progressive practice -- but that doesn't have to make you want to poke your eyes out.

Plus, exercises that only focus on your foot pain are missing the most important part: the Big Picture. Your feet affect your whole body but the rest of your body also affects your feet. The good news here is that the work you do to help your feet is also going to give you HUGE benefits for your hips, knees, pelvic floor and even your low back.

I didn't go from orthotics, flat feet and plantar fasciitis to walking barefoot on rocky beaches without lots of hard work, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull or confusing.

What You Need

You need Foot-building strategies that actually work for your real life. Whole body exercises that fix the root causes of foot pain. Approachable support so that you're never left wondering if you're doing it right. And accountability and clarity so that you become the person who Does The Work.


"My bunions hurt. Tailor's bunions on both pinkies, moderate big toe bunions, and a screwed up second toe on my right foot.

I didn’t believe the doctors when they told me I couldn’t change the bunions.

I wasn’t willing to let the podiatrist fuse my big toe and second toe bones or even shave off the pinky metatarsal bones.

When I found you, I had to sign up. Since Build Better Feet, my feet don’t hurt. My second toe even started looking and feeling like it’s old self again. I didn’t expect to see any changes in that toe.

Build Better Feet changed the way I look at movement. Now I think about each part of the system and what I need to do to move better overall.

Plus, working with you is great fun! I learn better when learning is fun! You’re engaging and it makes all the difference in learning this material.

Thank you, Petra!"

Nancy G,

Seattle, WA


!! The Good News !!

If you think that you’re going to be sidelined by foot pain for the rest of your life, then you’ve been talking to the wrong people

Because when you work on your feet from the ground up like I’m about to show you, you’ll finally:

  • Understand how you to free yourself from expensive orthotics, PT and chiro visits
  • Be able to assess what your feet need most and give them the exact care and solutions they need.
  • Build strong, capable feet that are ready for whatever life (and you) throw at them, pain free.
  • Feel super confident and crystal clear in your path forward because you have a step-by-step system to follow and options that work for your unique life.
  • Discover how fixing your feet can help your whole body feel better – from your hips to your low back, your knees to your pelvic floor, and even your neck and shoulder tension.
  • Feel supported and understood by a coach who gets where you’re coming from and can show you the step-by-step way towards healing.
  • Be able to dream big without worrying that foot pain will sabotage your plans – whether it’s hiking the Camino, golfing in Sedona or tackling your first half marathon.
  • Enjoy the freedom and joy that comes from doing what you love most without having to live in constant fear of pain and injury.

Yes, it is possible for you to dream big (!) and realistically fulfill those dreams.

Knowing that YOU fixed your feet. YOURSELF!!!

Who The Heck Am I To Tell You All This Anyway?


My name’s Petra. When I’m not camping, hiking, travelling the world in our 4Runner and living barefoot on surf beaches with my partner Chris, I’m coaching other active outdoors-lovers on how to bullet-proof their bodies, from the ground up.

I’ve been obsessed with feet ever since I was a corporate lawyer working in the Bay Street trenches and running – my only stress relief – broke my feet completely. Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, flat feet and nerve issues ended my running career but started my movement journey.

Learning how to fix my own feet and getting my life back was my first step in realizing that we all have the power to create vibrant, life wellness with better movement choices.

Since I left law and started movement coaching, I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you learn how to take charge of their physical health through better movement – and it always starts with our feet.

xo Petra!


"I went from wearing orthotics and hugely supportive shoes, living in horrible pain because of high arches, a Morton's neuroma and being overweight. Then I took Petra's foot course in Toronto and it


I learned to love and appreciate and care for my beautiful feet.  I now wear only barefoot or natural shoes, do foot stretches and exercises regularly, and can walk for hours now that I understand how to actually walk.

Petra literally changed my world."

Bettina H,

Toronto, Canada


What I'm NOT!!!

 A ‘burn, baby burn’ fitness instructor who’ll tell you that the goal of exercise is to look like a certain ideal body type.

A natural athlete and gym bunny who got picked for all the high school teams – I’m actually the exact opposite. So I get that this stuff can be challenging and different – but I also know how effective and empowering it is!

The conventional approach to healing my feet – orthotics, physio, chiropractic and drugs – didn’t work for me.

Instead I’ve spent years working on a more whole body, whole life systematic approach that will pick you up where all those specialists dropped you off…and if you’ll let me do it...

Here's where I plan to take you and your feet


“I was in a lot of pain with my foot and it was limiting my activity. Mobility in general was something I have become very interested in, particularly as I watch my Mom’s declining movement ability. I’m in my late 40s and want to do everything possible to avoid following in the same path.

My foot no longer hurts at all – that is huge!

Unexpected benefits – a greatly increased awareness of my body and how it moves. To be frank, at the beginning I was expecting the course to be Katy Bowman Repackaged, but I now know that you have a different focus and I love how the information you present is both intellectually challenging but at the same time absolutely accessible.

I feel like Petra gives a lot of herself and truly stand beside her course members as a coach and mentor.“

Helen S.




Build Better Feet is the most systematic, approachable and effective approach to fixing the root causes of foot pain that GUARANTEES to get you on the path to strong, mobile, happy feet that let you do everything you love most.

I’ve invested over 8 years working in the trenches with active women who’ve been stopped in their tracks by foot issues.

  • Women who are tired of wasting precious time and energy on orthotics, supportive shoes and PTs that have just left them sitting on the couch, still in pain, without a clear path forward. 
  • Women who are done with fitness culture that’s only about looking a certain way, and that doesn’t do anything to improve the way our bodies function and feel.
  • Women who’ve managed to cobble together their own foot care programs from books, Facebook groups, podcasts and Instagram, without feeling confident that they’re doing the exercises right or even on the right path for their bodies. 
  • Women who, despite the setbacks, are bone-deep certain that there’s a solution out there for them and who are absolutely determined to never give up on their hiking, walking, travelling and the active dreams they live for.

The result is...

An easy to follow, 3 step, self directed movement program that gives you a crystal clear roadmap to getting out of couch potato misery and on the path to Building Better Feet.


"When I joined Build Better Feet, I was recovering from a broken left ankle and crush injury on my left foot (2019) and I was trying to get more mobility in my ankle and foot.  I also had very tight lateral hips and calves and would find my lateral hips got very tired and sore when hiking.

I really liked Petra’s foot boot camp so thought BBF was a natural progression. Since BBF,  I definitely have more mobility in my toes and ankles. I can now spread the toes on my left foot as well as the right.

Yesterday I did a 10 km hike without pain in my foot or knee.

I started to have hip pain early in the hike and then remembered to push my body up the hill rather than drag it. Hip pain disappeared and I felt strong all the way up and down.

Thanks Petra for giving me tools to heal and improve my body. I feel blessed to have found you and your programs as they definitely are making a change in my life."

Teresa, W

Nelson, BC


Here's how it all breaks down...


You’re going to start with the three Foundations Modules. Here, you’ll start your transformation with assessments so you can track your progress, I’ll coach you in building a successful Perfect-For-You movement practice even if you’ve never had one before, and guide you through making the most simple but highest impact changes to your daily movement habits.

Here’s how you're going to get Activated!

Get Clear On Your Starting Point

Before you can reach your destination, you need to know your starting point. You’ll assess how your feet are working RIGHT NOW so you can zero in on your movement priorities – and be ready to measure your success – objectively and visibly – a few short weeks from now.

Make A Plan That Works For You

If being consistent has ever been a challenge for you, you’ll love this easy-to-use strategy that guarantees you can consistently Do The Work that your feet are craving.

 Unlock Your Self Healing

I’ll show you how to unlock your body’s powerful self-healing mechanisms with simple changes to your body alignment and movement patterns.

 The Five Healthy Foot Accelerators

You’ll love these five game-changing lifestyle options that I use to nourish my own feet and my whole body health – all day long, no extra time required.

Know Your Body Better

The more you understand, the more you can change. You’ll learn how your feet and hips are supposed to work and how so-called “normal” shoes damage our feet so badly.


"Corns and bunions were the visible issues and related hip and back issues were what I was dealing with when I decided to take Build Better Feet.

What I have since discovered was that I had very weak feet overall with limited toe mobility and a lack of tactile awareness. I hadn't realized how much muscle tone I didn't have. 

Asking my feet to move in new ways has meant I've had to build muscle.  The stretching and mobility stuff is important but rebuilding the arches, toe articulation has all involved building muscles I haven't had since I was a kid.

I'm so glad I started with my feet as I'm now getting into full body strength training and feel confident in my grounding and balance."

Adria B.

Toronto, Canada 



Awesome! You’ve assessed your starting point and you know where you need to get to. So it’s time to dive in and build strength, mobility and resilience.

Here’s the real meat and potatoes: 8 Pre-Recorded Deep Dive Sessions that will guide you – at your own pace - through the exercises and lifestyle changes you need to build lasting foot strength, improve your foot mobility, create a new relationship with your hips, bulletproof your knees and ankles, improve your balance, AND help you learn to walk in a new way that nourishes your entire body.

These Deep Dive Sessions are all about gently re-awakening your feet and hips so they can work the way they were designed to do. By the time you’re done with these modules you’ll have built a super strong foundation for all your future movement.

Here’s How Your Going to Build Better Feet

Mobilizing Foot Joints & Spreading Your Toes

If you’ve never done foot work before, you might be amazed by how disconnected and stiff your feet are. We’ll start with gentle but effective mobility work to get your brain and your toes back on friendly terms.

Building A Long, Strong Back Line

Did you know that there are two ways to walk – and most of us are doing it mostly wrong? When you walk well, your feet, knees, hips and spine all win. The first key to better walking is our calves and hamstrings and here I’ll show you how to lengthen and strengthen both.

Activate Your Arches

The path to supple, strong arches starts at your feet…and continues all the way up to your hips. I’ll show you how your hips are the key to building arches that can support themselves, thankyouverymuch.

Opening The Fronts Of Your Hips

Here, we’re going deeper into walking technique. You’ll learn everything you need to know to restore your ability to get your legs behind you – no lower back pain required. Remember: better walking is a key for foot function AND better whole body health!

Turn On Your Side Butt Stabilizers

Here’s the third and most game changing walking session. You’re going to meet and wake up your lateral hip muscles – aka your side butt – so that no one will ever again be able to tell you that you have a ‘dead butt’. Your butt was made for walking, and here you’ll learn how.

More Mobility

Great mobility means having body control and range of motion. The result of great mobility? Better balance, fewer injuries, improved function and joints that don’t wear out. This class is your go-to if you’re ready to say bye-bye to hammertoes or bunions as well!

Improving The Foot-Hip Relationship

Build on the work you’ve done to wake up your feet and your hips by exploring their relationship more deeply and in new ways.

Naturally Strong Feet

I get it. Life is busy and doing foot work can feel like a chore. Here, you’ll learn how I work on my feet, joint mobility and balance in super fun ways that fit really well into every day life.

And after all this? It’s time to re-assess your feet so you can literally SEE and measure the changes you’ve made!


“I could feel my foot mobility decline over the years and I had some issues in one of my hips that I felt was likely connected to my feet.

 I decided to take Build Better Feet because I wanted to expand my foot mobility/exercise repertoire and I sensed it would be rich in those.

 Some of my wins? I was able to connect my hip pain to my need for precise strengthening and mobility in that area, and felt so great after the week of hip focus - I’ve added those movements to my practice. 

I love having a broad tool box for moving in varied ways and that definitely helps me keep moving in lots of different ways and gives me ideas for including some of the movements in my classes as warmups if the world here ever opens up again.

For me, the biggest impact was the intentional daily effort to work with my feet.  My awareness is definitely in my feet consistently now and I really feel the value of the work.

I so appreciate the benefits of this series!”

Staci C,

Allegheny, New York



By this time, you’ve already seen amazing changes in your body.

Now, these jam-packed bonus modules are going to amplify your success.

You’ll discover the latest research on building habits that stick, zero guilt, shame or even motivation required. Lifestyle tips and recommended foot care products. All the info you need to help you choose better footwear safely and without the overwhelm. Plus an entire library of extra exercises to help you troubleshoot specific sticky bits, and a grab bag of bonus workouts and fresh updates as I continue my own education!

 Here’s How Your Going to Amplify Your Success!

 Create A Practice You’ll Actually Stick To

If staying consistent has ever been a challenge for you, you’ll love the Healthy Habits Toolkit designed to help you build movement habits that feel great and ACTUALLY work for your body and for your real life.

 The Complete Guide To Minimal Footwear

Choosing the perfect foot-friendly shoes – that you also love - can be frustrating. I’ll give you proven strategies to help you find minimal foot wear brands that you love (at the best prices!) and make a safe transition that nourishes your feet. Even if you’ve been wearing orthotics forever!

 Support Your Success

In this module, you’ll learn about simple tools to improve your foot health and support your footwear transition without taking any of your valuable time.

Deepen Your Understanding

Here you’ll get a deep dive into whole-body movement strategies that are true game changers for your feet and the rest of your body, plus extra resources if you’re the body nerd type.

 Get More Of What YOU Need

Everyone’s body is unique. This section is packed with exercises and tutorials that will help you customize your work so you get the exact best exercises for your individual needs.

 Build On Your Foundation

Regular, mindful, intelligent practice is your greatest asset. I’ve developed 8 short but powerful workouts to help you practice what we started in the longer Deep Dive classes. And you’re also going to get access to all the updates and live sessions that I add to the program over time!

Upgraded FAQs

Here's the thing: pretty much all foot pain is the result of taking our naturally amazing feet and then spending a life time shoving them into shoes that damage them and make them weak.

We also know that when we move our bodies they adapt to whatever movement we're providing. And that movement itself is healing for our bodies because it improves circulation, strengthens tissues and helps ensure that new tissues are organized well.

Build Better Feet has been designed to help you improve the function of your feet, ankles, knees and hips and to troubleshoot most of the issues that result from a lifetime of wearing modern shoes and sitting in chairs. I can 100% promise you that your feet (and hips, and knees, and ankles) will be healthier and more functional when you complete this program.

So will it help your top-of-mind issue? Probably, but the outcome will depend on your particular body as well as the time and commitment you put into the program. If you've completed at least the first three Core Sessions (including daily practice) and don't feel like you're well on the way to solving your foot stuff, I'll refund your full investment so you can spend it on whatever your plan B is for building strong and pain free feet.

Build Better Feet is unique because I've designed it specifically to help you succeed with follow through. It's not just exercise videos (although there's lots of video instruction).

Build Better Feet is packed with strategies to help you build a successful movement practice, using tools from the latest neuroscience research and the world's leading experts in behavior science.

You'll get:

  • A planning module to help you create a specific, actionable plan for your daily practice.
  • Community: The Build Better Feet Facebook community is there to support your struggles and rejoice at your wins.
  • The Power of Dopamine: Our brains love it when we celebrate small milestones -- so there are printable Practice Trackers for each module that you can use to track your success and celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Strategy: the Never Fail Again LIVE workshop (available during this special launch period) will give you rock solid confidence in building foot friendly habits that you LOVE(and the best strategies for how to stick with it when you hit a road bump).
  • The Healthy Habits Toolkit: All the best research on habits, boiled down into practical steps you can take that work for your individual life.

The truth is, the human foot existed for at least 200,000 years before orthotics were invented. Feet are designed to be self-supporting!

Feet adapt to weakness in two ways: by getting flat and painful or by getting stiff and painful.

Strengthening your feet and gradually transitioning to minimal shoes is the better way for 99.9% of humans.

The only people who should probably stick to orthotics are people who are severely hypermobile -- if that's you, I can give you the names of some excellent, naturally focused podiatrists (and you should definitely still do lots of natural foot strengthening).

If not, then minimal footwear will be a lot better for you than traditional orthotics and supportive shoes as long as you follow the transition advice you'll learn in Build Better Feet!

Highly unlikely. There are a lot of blogs and IG posts out there in the world -- people who are blogging about their own experience as if it'll apply universally.

It's great for inspiration -- but not if you want a systematic and proven solution to building stronger, more functional feet. Or if you're struggling with the confusing and contradictory messages that people are firing your way.

The material inside Build Better Feet can't be found anywhere else. Why? Well, I created it! I've taught hundreds of students how to get strong, happy feet over the last 6 years, and I've distilled all my experience into a unique and comprehensive program that cuts through the noise and the overwhelm.

And I'm not holding back, either. You'll get direct access to the exact same techniques I'm using on my own body and with my 1-1 students.

When it comes to building strong, healthy feet, Build Better Feet is the only program I know of that uses the best of natural movement, alignment and mobility training to offer a complete and systematic solution to foot issues.

Our feet are literally connected to our hips. If we try to work on our feet without also considering their relationship to the rest of our bodies, we're missing out on some huge pieces of the puzzle.

Issues like bunions, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy and forefoot pain are all directly connected to our hip alignment and function.

What's more, one of the very best ways to strengthen and mobilize our feet is through walking on natural surfaces in minimal shoes using good walking technique.

Because our whole body alignment and movement patterns are a big part of what creates foot issues, we need to have whole body solutions to fix them.

Even if your main interest is solving foot pain, I'd be doing you a disservice if I only gave you exercises for your foot muscles alone, instead of the broader approach (that your spine, hips, pelvic floor, knees and ankles will eventually be VERY happy you've explored!)

I get it -- you're a super busy mom/daughter/grandmother/boss lady with things to do and places to be and people who depend on you and dreams to achieve.

So really, how can you afford to NOT have feet that are strong and pain free so you can get through your day?

But the good news is, that's why I built this program to be entirely self-paced. You can take one week to do each Core Session -- or you can take four weeks.

And yes, I'm asking you to practice Every Single Day.

That's because -- time and time again -- I've seen that the people who succeed in solving their body issues are the ones who do the work, every day. But that could mean literally doing 1-2 minutes of exercises, no need to turn on the computer and watch a video. It's really about building a movement habit that works for YOU and the best way is to start small. Really small.

Plus I've packed this program with ideas for exercises and movement changes you can make while you do your life -- no extra time required.

So although your body will change and heal faster when you do more of this work more often, you're still going to get results and learning if you do it at the pace that works for your needs.

Yep -- you have 90 days to get a FULL refund.

That's THREE months to learn, move and make changes BEFORE making a final decision.

I'm Canadian. We don't like to brag. We're almost humble to a fault. But to be honest, I'm way more likely to get your email saying how much you love the classes and the course than the one that's asking for a refund.

But that said, if you put in an honest effort and it's still not clicking for you, I'll refund you your FULL investment so you can re-invest it into whatever your Plan B is for creating strong, healthy feet.

Sounds like a ton of stuff! Can you just go over what I’m actually getting in Build Better Feet?


 When you enroll today, here’s what you’re going to be diving into within minutes:

 Activate Your Foot Foundations

  • Assess Your Starting Point
  • Make A Plan That Works For YOU
  • How To Move Better (With Better Body Alignment)
  • Five Healthy Foot Accelerators
  • Know Your Body Better: Feet & Hips

Real world value: $75

Build Your Better Feet

  • Mobilizing Foot Joints & Spreading Your Toes
  • Building A Long, Strong Back Line
  • Activate Your Arches
  • Opening The Fronts Of Your Hips
  • Turn On Your Side Butt Stabilizers
  • More Mobility - Feet To Hips
  • Improving the Foot-Hip Relationship
  • Naturally Strong Feet

Real world value: $330

Amplify Your Success

  • Healthy Habits Tool Kit
  • The Complete Guide To Minimal Footwear
  • Support Your Success
  • Deepen Your Understanding
  • Extra Exercises and Tutorials
  • Build On Your Foundations: 8 Bonus Workouts

Real world value: $200

When you add it all up, that’s a total real world value of $605, which is what I’d be charging if this was a live workshop.

But because I’m so excited to help you live the full, active life you deserve, you can enroll in Build Better Feet for just…




with a real world value of $605 including
+ a 30 day money back Naturally Strong™ Guarantee!!

Still undecided? No problem.

You’re ready to create feet that will take you everywhere you want to go inside Build Better Feet if…


You’ve never worked on your feet or had a movement practice and you want to make sure you absolutely NAIL it right out of the starting gate by doing the work from the ground up to build a stronger, more capable, more resilient body starting from Day One.


You’ve been trying to fix your feet for months or even years but you just haven’t had the success you’ve been hoping for, despite PTs, chiros, orthotics, and even being the type of person who actually does their home work!


You’re a yoga teacher or other movement professional and you already know that a natural foot solution is what you want for yourself AND your students: You’re looking for a systematic and comprehensive approach that will give you a framework and structure for your personal practice as well as clear, actionable solutions to offer your students who are looking to create long term whole body wellness.


You have no problem investing 1-2 hours per week as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is a strategic and meaningful step in creating your resilient and pain-free body.


In fact, you’re ALREADY investing time in your feet doing things like rolling out your feet and scrunching up towels. Only problem is, without a clear, whole body strategy that ties your foot work in with the way you move all day, you’ve experienced nothing but those discouraging ‘why do I even bother’ results, followed by crippling overwhelm about what you should be doing next.


You’d love to have pain-free feet and the freedom to live without fear, but you’ve never been able to commit to an online program. Truth is, almost everyone struggles with building new habits and staying motivated past the first week or two. That’s why you’re going to LOVE how Build Better Feet teaches you the latest science-based strategies on creating lasting perfect-for-you habits by using celebration and success instead of guilt and shame.   


You know that the wellness of every other part of your body depends on your feet. You understand that everything in your body is connected, and if you’re working to solve any body issues (ESPECIALLY in your ankles, knees, hips, pelvic floor, low back or neck), your feet will be a huge part of the answer. That’s also why so much of the work in this program focuses on your ankles, knees and hips, and your walking technique!


You can’t wait to dive in and get started! Even if you’ve been side-tracked and let down in the past, you’re riding that wave of renewed optimism, knowing that by this time tomorrow you could already have assessed your starting point (so you can actually measure your transformation when you look back in a few short weeks!), built your super actionable Perfect-For-You practice plan, and already be starting on the Five Healthy Foot Accelerators – the most simple but highest impact movement changes you can do for your feet.


You feel confident grabbing your login knowing you have 90 Days to test it out: It’s simple. Either you give this your best shot and experience more insights, success and foot goodness in the next 90 days than you have in your ENTIRE life before this… or you shoot us a quick message asking us to hit undo on this whole “let’s build better feet” experiment and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

If you caught yourself nodding your head


to at least 6 of the 9 points above, then I absolutely CANNOT wait to meet you inside Build Better Feet!


with a real world value of $605 including
+ the 30 day money back Naturally Strong™ Guarantee!!

By now you know that the biggest difference between an active life of adventure, movement and exploring….and being stuck indoors on the couch, feeling old before your time, frustrated and worried…all comes down to...

building better



"Oh, I also wanted to mention that I hiked the Inca Trail (the 4-day one) in March. I unfortunately had little preparation due to the terribly icy winter we had here, and my cardio was sorely lacking as evidenced by my late arrival to camp each afternoon.

However, I must give credit to you and all the half-dome calf stretches that I've been incorporating on a daily basis as I did not suffer nearly as much as everyone else after the heavy downhill parts.

Also, my hips and knees held up quite well (I didn't take any painkillers), and I attribute this to the 'walking knees under hips, sides of feet parallel to the outside edge [of the sidewalk]' that you taught us!"

Vivienne K.

Toronto, Canada



regular price

with a real world value of $605
+ the 30 day money back Naturally Strong™ Guarantee!!

If you’re still here, let’s wrap up with some real talk.

If you’re a traveler, a hiker, a runner, a walker, a mom, a grandma, a sister, a caregiver or a boss lady who has a full life to live…you need to Build Better Feet.

If you’ve worn normal shoes your whole life, with or without orthotics, you need Build Better Feet.

If you’re planning to enjoy your retirement by getting out and chasing the dreams you’ve waited for your whole life…you need to Build Better Feet.

If you’re tired of your body hurting – whether it’s your feet, your ankles, your knees, your hips, your spine or even your pelvic floor…you need to Build Better Feet.

If you’re a yoga teacher or a movement teacher who wants to give their students the very best in whole body wellness (and enjoy the glowing reviews that you’re gonna hear after class)…

 And…if you’ve got your sights set on building a Future You that's stronger, more capable, more resilient and more FREE…



with a real world value of $605
+ the 30 day money back Naturally Strong™ Guarantee!!

If you’re ready...

...then I’m super excited to partner with you to make the next few months the most rewarding movement experience you’ve ever explored.

The most rewarding movement experience you’ve ever explored.


"Petra is an incredible instructor and delivers incredible value and education. I highly recommend learning from Petra if you want to feel better in your body."

Liz E.

Washington, DC



with a real world value of $605
+ the 30 day money back Naturally Strong™ Guarantee!!

Plus, you'll be backed by...


I’m so passionate about working with you to help you Build Better Feet!

And I want to make it super easy for you to feel confident saying YES to creating a better future for you and for your feet!

So, I’ve created the Naturally Strong Guaranteeto make sure you can feel totally safe making the commitment to Build Better Feet.

I also know it takes time to change our bodies – that’s just how bodies are.

That’s why I’m giving you 30 days – that’s A WHOLE MONTH – to explore Build Better Feet. If you don't love Build Better Feet I want to give you your money back.

To take advantage of the guarantee simply email Chris at and he'll send you a full refund. Its as simple as that.


with a real world value of $605
+ the 30 day money back Naturally Strong™ Guarantee!!