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build better feet

If you're an active person who loves exploring, travelling and hiking but who's been stopped in your tracks by foot pain...

Or if you're a body nerd who wants rock solid confidence and clarity around how to rescue and restore modern feet...

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Are your feet holding you back from doing the things you love?

Build Better Feet is a self-paced exercise & lifestyle program designed to help you build strong, functional, pain-free feet from the ground up.

I went from wearing orthotics and hugely supportive shoes, living in horrible pain because of high arches, a Morton's neuroma and being overweight.

Then I took your foot course in Toronto and it changed my life. 

I learned to love and appreciate and care for my beautiful feet.  I now wear only barefoot or natural shoes, do foot stretches and exercises regularly, and can walk for hours now that I understand how to actually walk.

You literally changed my world.

Bettina Hoar

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A glimpse of what's waiting for you in Build Better Feet....

Stage One: Foot Foundations

  • Assess, Don’t Guess: Visibly measure your progress and stay motivated by starting with a comprehensive assessment of where your feet are at today.
  • Learn How Feet Actually Work: Learn why you need whole body solutions to solve foot pain. We’ll take a dive into how feet work, how hips work and how your whole body movement impacts everything.
  • The Root Cause Of Foot Pain: It’s not your fault that your feet hurt – I’ll show you why modern shoes have damaged your feet so you can start choosing shoes that help you heal instead.
  • Keys To Success: Here’s where I load you up with proven strategies to get the most out of this program. You’ll get a step-by-step plan to help you work through the course materials and a workbook to help you get clarity on which exercises are best for your unique feet. Plus I’ll give you the exact techniques I’ve used in my life to heal and bulletproof my own feet.

Step Two: Accelerate Your Healing & Build Lasting Capacity

  • 8 in-depth workshop style classes covering everything you need to gently – but effectively – restore your feet, mobilize and strengthen your hips, and rebuild your lower body from the ground up. Here’s what you’ll find waiting for you:
  • Wake Up Your Intrinsic Foot Muscles
  • Build A Longer, Stronger Backline
  • Activate Your Arches
  • Opening The Fronts Of Your Hips
  • Turn On Your Side Butt Stabilizers
  • More Mobility - Feet To Hips
  • Improve Your Foot-Hip Relationship
  • Natural Movement For Stronger Feet
  • 8 customizable workout programs so that you’ll finally be able to create a daily foot care practice that you can stick to and even love.
  • Loads of ideas for exercises and movements to work into real life that will help your feet, no extra time required.
  • PLUS get more accountability! I've heard you loud and clear - you want support and accountability to help stay on track and get results. So Build Better Feet ALSO includes a live online accountability check-in session where you can get your questions answered, show me your progress and get real time feedback.

Then - See Your Progress

You’re going to get awesome changes from my Build Better Feet program.

How will you know? Because after you’ve worked through the classes, we’re going to check in and re-assess how your feet are doing.

There’s nothing as thrilling - and motivating - as actually SEEING and MEASURING the changes you’re making!

And after we check in, what's next? I’ve got you covered with a huuuuge pack of bonuses designed to help you continue your work.

Step Three: Amplify Your Success

  • How To Create An Ongoing Practice You’ll Actually Stick To – choosing the best priorities for your body, changing your habits and integrating your work into real life.
  • The Complete ‘What To Buy Now’ Guide To Minimal Footwear – and a guided pathway to transitioning safely and well.
  • Proven Shortcuts To Happier Feet: How to use toe spreaders, metatarsal pads and heel cups.
  • Double Down On Your Results: Here you’ll get a deep dive into two key whole-body movement strategies that are game changers for your feet and hips: better-for-you walking, and how to use the floor to double down on your hip mobility and whole body strength.
  • Bonus Tutorials: Here, I’m giving you extra tools that can help you unlock stubborn tight spots PLUS a brand new in-depth tutorial to help you master the hardest movement skill in this entire program: the pelvic list.
  • Lifelong access, lifelong updates. Body science is changing fast. I update my programs so they're always giving you the best info.

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A Word From Petra

“Time spent on your feet is never wasted! Because modern feet are incredibly stiff and weak, and because our feet affect ALL our other movement, foot work is the single highest-impact movement work you can do. ”