Get Rid Of Foot Pain - Naturally - And Build Life Long Foot Health, Strength & Flexibility

Say goodbye to stiff, aching feet and chronic foot problems & get started on the permanent solution to foot pain.

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I found and did your "Fix your Feet boot camp", and it was MAGICAL. My feet have never felt this good, and I am working on transitioning completely to barefoot shoes!

Thank you so much for saving my walking and hiking!"

Sarah M.


The truth is, your feet were designed by nature to work perfectly for your whole life. No supportive shoes or painful medical interventions necessary.

But conventional footwear and modern sedentary lifestyles have sabotaged you.

Modern shoes make your feet weak, stiff and shoe-shaped - so you end up with sad, sore feet.

And maybe some other issues that you didn’t even know were foot-related - in your knees, hips, low back, or pelvic floor.

So how do you really end foot pain for the long term?

By restoring your natural foot strength & mobility with gentle but effective exercises. It’s that simple.

Seriously, it’s for you, whether you’re:

  • Suffering from foot pain or foot issues like bunions, hammertoes, arthritis or plantar fasciitis
  • Looking to optimize your foot health, balance, walking technique and your transition to barefoot style shoes, or
  • Tackling body issues that are usually foot related, including issues with your knees, hips, low back, pelvic floor and even neck & shoulders

Imagine saying yes to long walks again. Lacing up your shoes pain-free and being able to get out and move with the people you love.

You'll be getting these along with my newsletter, packed with great exercises, exclusive content, movement inspiration and more!

You’ll be learning from me, Petra. I'm a passionate movement coach who’s been there, done that.

In fact, my feet were once so bad that my chiropractor told me I’d always need orthotics.

Fast forward twenty years and zero orthotics, I’ve healed my plantar fasciitis, numb feet, and even my sneeze pee (turns out - they’re related!).

Now I travel, surf and hike full-time - a lifestyle I never thought my feet could handle.

And I'm thrilled to send you the same exercises that changed my life (& almost 7,000 of my students)!

"I think you’re a great instructor - better cues than many out there. You’re also so accessible as a teacher - your passion and care for students really comes through."

Liz Y

“I am so thankful I found you (by accident!) when I was trying to figure out healthier options for my feet.”

Janice H.

Your Seven Day Plan To Build Happy Functional Feet

The entire Free Your Feet program will be delivered straight to your inbox - for free. After just a week you’ll already be on the track to foot freedom!

And it’s yours to keep forever so you can practice on your own time and at your own pace, as much as your unique body needs.

Here's what you're going to get:

Day 1: Wake Up Your Toes!

Modern shoes squash our toes together, which can damage our nerves, weaken our muscles & prevent our feet from functioning well.

On Day 1, you’ll start restoring your toe alignment and mobility with a gentle exercise that will give you visible changes - immediately!

Day 2: Roll Out Your Feet

Stiff, painful feet will love this yummy massage!

You’ll wake up your foot muscles, mobilize your feet, and improve your toe strength & range of motion! Plus…it feels amazing!

Day 3: Build Strong, Independent Toes

Restore your ability to move your toes independently - this will also restore strength, mobility & function to your feet!

This is a foundational exercise to improve your foot health & connection with your brain - and can be really eye opening when you try it for the first time!

Day 4: Rebalance Your Feet

Conventional shoes shorten the tops of our feet and lengthen the bottoms, which can wreak a lot of havoc over time.

This exercise will help you rebalance your feet and is an essential step in restoring foot health & function.

Day 5: Self Supporting Arches

True fact: Your foot arches don’t need support. They’re designed to BE support. But for that, they need to be strong and mobile.

This exercise will help you build super awesome arches, whether your feet tend to be flat and pronated or are stiff and high-arched.

Day 6: Unsquash Your Feet & Pelvic Floor

Today, we’re going big picture and working up past the feet. That’s because how we move the rest of our bodies is actually a huge part of foot health!

This one is a true whole body game changer (in fact, this movement habit and exercise combo is exactly how I healed my plantar fasciitis!)

And even though it’s key for your feet, it’s also a heavy hitter for your hips, low back, and pelvic floor.

Day 7: Practice With Petra

We can all enjoy happier, more functional feet - but it does take time and consistency to heal. That’s just how bodies are.

To help you stick with it and stay on track, I’ve put together a special lesson with all the Free Your Feet exercises in a single class, so we can practice together!

You'll be getting these along with my newsletter, packed with great exercises, exclusive content, movement inspiration and more!