Want joints that last?

Learn a simple head-to-toe daily routine that will keep your joints moving better & feeling better every day of your life.


Does any of this sound familiar?

"I've seen a future I don’t want to be mine in my grandmother and mother"

"I'm not exercising enough. Typical sedentary office environment. I’m trying to find ways to work more movement into my day."

"I have all kinds of crazy aches and cracks in my lower body, and my right shoulder's a mess that has very limited range of motion "

"I look at Instagram and there's so much great information, I'll see it, I'll maybe even try it, but then its gone, and I've lost it...I just need something more concrete"

"I'm very active...and plan to stay that way"

And you want this...

"Less knee pain and better range of motion. Better every day squat."  

 I just really want to be a fit grandma who has freedom of movement and strength

"The mood lift from moving my whole body. It's so refreshing!"

"The motivation to be more consistent"

"A comprehensive daily practice to provide the foundational underpinning for stronger joints to support other movement practices I do"

"Fuller, smoother, more conscious range of motion"

Then Joints For Life 2.0 is for you. 

 In Joints For Life 2.0 you'll learn Controlled Articular Rotations - CARs- a mobility exercise system that will:

  • improve your joint health
  • reduce inflammation
  • maintain your joint mobility
  • increase your joint strength and resilience
  • help your balance, and
  • reconnect your brain to your body

– in less than 15 minutes a day.

Practicing CARs daily is one of the highest value investments you can make in your future well being.

Invest in your Future Self

The CARs you'll learn in Joints For Life 2.0 are a whole body exercise system that moves all your major joints in their full range of motion so they stay healthy & feel great.

CARs improve your movement quality, so doing CARs makes you better at everything else you do, whether it’s sports, natural movement, yoga or chasing your grandkids around the house.

Plus, CARs can also be used to rehab injuries, as a highly effective warm up that builds control and fluidity, and as a building block for your mobility training.

Here’s how CARs work their magic….

What you'll get from Joints For Life 2.0

Whether you're looking for a practical mobility routine that fits your busy life, investing in an active, healthy future, or wanting a comprehensive CARs resource for your movement tool box, I've got you covered. This self-paced online program has all the tools you need to master the most powerful joint health system ever created.


Feel crystal clear on how to do the CAR for each joint, how to use body tension to meet your goals, & what common mistakes to avoid.


Get the full context on when, how & why to use CARs so you understand the system instead of just scattered exercises.


Learn how to create your own any where, any time CARs practice. Do them on the beach, on your hike, or in your living room – no video required.

Here's What You'll Find Inside Joints For Life 2.0

Explore all 7 modules designed to help you create the CARs practice that works best for you.

Module One: Start Here

Get all the key background info on CARs so you can do them safely & well. You'll learn why CARs are so darned powerful, how to do CARs safely, how to use body tension (aka irradiation) and generally, how to use the CARs to meet your unique goals!

Module Two: The Morning Routine

The Morning Routine is the essence of the CARs practice. It’s a 10-15 minute light morning warm up for all of your major joints. Get all the joint maintenance, brain-body connection and sustainability benefits with this simple daily routine.

In this module, you'll learn the Morning Routine in detail. Plus get key info and materials to support your practice: because CARs don't work unless you do 'em!

  • Printable CARs Reference Guide
  • Printable CARs Checklist to track your practice
  • Plus my best tips & resources to help you build a regular CARs routine

Module Three: Spinal Mobility

Because the spine is different from your other joints, the Spinal Mobility module will teach you everything you need to know to work on your spinal sticky spots and upgrade your Morning Routine. 

Module Four: Refine & Vary

The better you get at CARs, the better you get at everything. Here I’ll teach you how to get really, really good at CARs by using Capsule CARs and other techniques to refine your practice, and positional variations to increase your joint strength and control.

Plus you’ll learn how to use CARs beyond the Morning Routine - as a warm up, as a rehab tool, and as the foundation for your advanced mobility training.

Module Five: CARS Flow Classes

Build your confidence and enjoy not having to remember anything when you practice with these 5 video classes. Plus explore different body positions, tension strategies and variations.

Module Six: CARs Reference Library

You'll find the basic CARs technique, the ‘cheats’ or common mistakes to avoid, & my favourite positional variations to explore for each of your major joints. Perfect if you just need a quick reminder!

Module Seven: Bonus time!

Right now you'll find an advanced class on neck CARs and an advanced class on thoracic spinal CARs. Want something else? Just hit me up and if it fits the program, I'll add a new video.

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"I am amazed at how JFL/CARs have changed my life! I LOVE doing CARs, every day, sometimes multiple times a day! They feel good! My shoulders move better now & my hips. I feel so more connected to my body & can tell when an area maybe needs some extra CARs today. I had some issues a few weeks ago with soreness in my hand & fingers & added some hand/finger CARs & saw a difference so quickly! It’s magic for your joints!!!"

- Tami (Finger Lakes, NY)

"I purchased JFL because I wanted to explore and increase my range of movement and help my body to work better. Since doing CARs, I know my joints better. I noticed where I have some problems going on and worked through it with the daily practice. I experienced great improvement in a short period of time. In about a week I already noticed improvement in range of motion and smoothness of movement in my wrists and knees and especially in my left shoulder. The program even walked me through some fear of movement I had “sitting” in my neck and shoulders."

- Susi (London, UK)

"I like CARs because you can feel and see the benefits. Right away and over time. After Petra introduced me to CARs I was hooked. I try and do a quick round of CARs right after getting out of bed in the morning. My days are better when they start with CARs.

I have a messed up shoulder from old sports injuries (8+ dislocations) and after a couple of months of regular CARs it's moving more fluidly and feeling stronger than it has in a long time.

CARs are pure goodness. I’m going to keep doing them."

- Chris (Petra's boyfriend, but he never does my stuff unless he really likes it)

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your Joints For Life 2.0, Petra!

Such a fantastic work, so well explained in the details! Some things really develop over time and the fine tuning is not easy, but I understand so much more now with the new classes.

Like with your class "The CARs Continuum". Some of the details explained here made stuff so much clearer for me. And I enjoy the new shootings of the Morning Routine and the AddOn on Spinal Mobility. So important for me!

Thank you so much, Petra!


“I had RSI & really tight shoulders when I decided to try JFL. I have a desk job so I have a lot of internal shoulder rotation. I was trying different strategies but experienced pain every day.

I've had great results because before I was just working on my shoulders but JFL works all your joints. My wrists were so tight & I hadn't noticed. I've also improved my ankle mobility.

The best thing about JFL is that it can be quick so you don't need to think about it or you can spend a lot of time on each joint. Once you know the technique you don't need to follow a video. It's portable and you change it up so if you are out you don't need to be on the floor..”


Like brushing your teeth.
But for your joints. 

With in-depth instruction, printable reminders, a comprehensive CARs library, and 5 flow classes, never get stuck wondering how to look after your body. Sign up for Joints For Life 2.0 today.


Total Confidence Guarantee

I think CARs are the single best movement routine that exists.

But if you try them and don’t think they’re right for you, NO PROBLEM.

You’ve got a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, so you can try Joints For Life 2.0 completely worry-free!

Joints For Life has already helped more than 900 people invest in themselves!

"Hip CARs. Love them. Still thinking about them."

- Amy F.

"What I love about the CARS is the isometric contraction. Really a game changer!"

- Mary C.

"Thanks for ...the CARS – love those."

- Judy

"Petra's clarity about and passion for this work is truly above and beyond. She articulates about articulation in a way that is truly accessible and relatable. I had studied and practiced CAR’s prior to meeting Petra but when I worked with her online class things truly came into keener focus and I upleveled my daily practice. I have recommended her to many student of my own and all are pleased.."

- Karen S-F

"A special thanks to you for bringing CARs into my movement practice. I am managing to fit in some or all of the basic series every day and often do more. It is remarkable how they keep on showing me things. I am beginning to understand the nuances more and more and realize what you meant when you told me that I just need to do them (or something like that) when I asked you to watch me. It is definitely a self-learning experience."

- Barbara P

"I think I may represent a demographic that desperately needs folks like you and programs like yours. I’m nearing 74 years of age, have osteoarthritis, have had a total knee replacement, and after the surgery developed post-surgery atrial fibrillation that was soon followed by heart failure, so I experience fatigue more quickly than I used to. I prioritize regular exercise, strength training, yoga, and functional movement every day to build back my strength, minimize pain, and keep me happily engaged in my life. I do CARS daily, regardless of what else is going on, and thank you profoundly for “Joints For Life”"

- Margaret B.

"I love the CARS course and have told many of my friends about it. I am not very consistent in my practice (yet!) but find that even 2 times a week makes my whole body feel more lubricated and ready for whatever action life throws my way. I'm becoming more and more aware of how my body moves and what habits need to change; CARS have been such a helpful tool in building that awareness and forming better habits. I particularly appreciate that there is the slower, instructional video and the faster, daily practice video. I'm so thankful this resource is available and that I invested in it. Thank you!."

- Corene T.

"I love learning from Petra, and Joints for Life was a great introduction for me to the CARS mobility work. My creaks and cracks have subsided and my range of motion is much improved. I can’t wait to progress my practices with these accessible movements as I continue to do them.

 - Debbie K.

"I have been doing my (almost) daily CARS and it has helped erase my shoulder pain. It's incredible! My range of motion in my right shoulder is so much better that I wish I would have done a before video. 

- Tricia H.

"I encouraged a patient to purchase your Joints for Life program and she LOVES it. She started doing them a week ago and has already reported having "more energy" and feeling looser in her body. She also appreciated that the entire "routine" is 15 minutes which makes it manageable to create the daily habit"

- Renee K.

Meet Petra.

Joints for Life 2.0 is taught by Petra Fisher, a movement coach, body nerd and recovering lawyer.

Petra’s mission in life is to help you reconnect with your body so you have less pain, more joy & get to do more of what you love for the rest of your life.

When she's not doing CARs or teaching, Petra loves hiking, travelling, camping and surfing and has no intention of stopping doing anything as she gets older.

The sooner you start, the happier your joints will be!

$45 USD

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Full refund, no questions asked, available within 30 days of purchase.

JFL 2.0 is right for you if you:


  • Are looking to connect with your body in a nurturing and healing manner
  • Enjoy exploring and learning about yourself
  • Want to experience the power of a long term daily practice in creating change
  • Believe that we are all individually responsible for our health and well-being
  • Trust yourself to experiment and learn by doing
  • Believe that we have the ability to grow and get better at any age
  • Intend to stay active as you get older and know that means you need to keep moving more, not less


Joints For Life 2.0 is not right for you if you:


  • Prefer 1-1 coaching or need individualized feedback
  • If your body is very fragile right now – you should consider 1-1 coaching instead
  • Don’t want to put energy into your own self-care
  • Hate the feeling of going through a learning curve
  • Already feel overwhelmed with content and life stress
  • Believe in the 'no-pain, no gain' theory of exercise


What is the Joints For Life 2.0 program? Will it help me do my (insert any sport or movement activity here)?

The Joints For Life 2.0 program will help you create a daily joint mobility practice using an exercise called Controlled Articular Rotations or CARs.

CARs have been designed to help you use every major joint in its largest range of motion, every single day. CARs can decrease inflammation, improve brain-body connection, increase resilience and enhance your balance and control during movement. They’re a fast, systematic way to give your body a big dose of the essential movement inputs we’re all lacking.

CARs are also an outstanding warm up for any other activity, whether it’s walking or MovNat or square dancing. CARs help your body recruit more tissues, move more efficiently and help to safeguard your joints from injury.

Finally, the Joints For Life 2.0 program offers a wonderful daily practice in mindfulness and embodiment that feels fantastic as it helps create stronger, more resilient and pain-free joints.

Is Joints For Life 2.0 for beginners, intermediate or advanced students?

Joints For Life is great for all types of movers.

For beginners, Joints For Life 2.0 will help you get to know your body as you safely improve your control and mobility. You’ll learn a lot about your current shape and movement patterns as you build a strong foundation and gain incredible new levels of body awareness.

For the intermediate student, Joints For Life 2.0 will give you new layers of understanding and connection. You may find that old, nagging injuries improve and you will start to access new levels of control, ability and fluidity.

For the advanced student, CARs provide a wonderful tool for exploring and creativity. Once you understand the basic principles, you can tailor your program to your unique body. Plus the daily practice provides an excellent on-going assessment and self-check in tool. And in Joints For Life 2.0 you'll find detailed information on how to use CARs to go beyond the morning routine and use them as a rehab or a training tool.

Oh, and did I mention that the CARs routine feels INSANELY good?!?!

How does the Joints For Life 2.0 program work?

Joints For Life 2.0 is a one time purchase that you keep forever (it's even entirely downloadable).

It has lots of video flow classes for you to follow, but it's designed to help you learn the CARs routine so that you can do them any time, any where, no screens required.

That's why you'll find a printable CARs Quick Reference guide to help you stay on track, a printable CARs checklist if you want to track your practice, and a comprehensive CARs library for when you want to look up a specific exercise. And all the exercise videos are time stamped for your convenience as well!

The best part? You can just do the Morning Routine CARs and get all the healthy joint benefits it offers. But I've also included an expanded module on spinal mobility, and an entire advanced module to help you refine & vary your CARs if you're someone who wants to go deeper and understand how to use CARs as a system.

What platform is it on?

Joints For Life 2.0 is hosted on Teachable. So, if you're an Apple user, you can access it through the Teachable App as well as through your browser.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yep. I believe everyone should be able to access healthy movement. If you're BIPOC or need some support right now, email me and we'll make it happen for you.

What will I need? Do I need exercise equipment?

One reason I love CARs is that you basically don’t need anything at all (though you might prefer a yoga mat). I also like having a yoga block and a pair of tennis balls around to grip for tension.

You will want to have a wall or a piece of furniture around for balance during the hip CARs, and for the Spinal Mobility class you'll need a square eraser and an elastic pull-up assist band (a pair of nylons is a great alternative).

How long are the classes?

The longest class in JFL 2.0 is 45 minutes and most are closer to 20 minutes. All the classes include time stamps so you can easily jump to the section you need if you're in a hurry.

The end goal of this program is to help you create a daily 10-15 minute CARs mobility practice - no video required. But you can make your practice as long as works for you (I love CARs so much I often find they take me more than 30 minutes – but that’s because they feel great and I'm having fun). You can also do them super fast, or only do one or two exercises if that’s what you need to do.

What if I have an injury? Is this therapy?

Good question. CARs are not therapy and this program is not intended to address injuries or be taken for medical advice.

If you feel pain during a CARs, you should change the range you’re working in so that you don’t go into the area that hurts. If it’s pain in the closing angle (e.g. the side of the joint that’s getting smaller as you bend it) I recommend that you go to see an FR certified manual practitioner who will help you work through it.

That said, CARs can be very beneficial for injuries and I’ve noticed that a number of old nagging body ‘things’ have been resolved for me as I’ve practiced. If you do have an injury or issue, you can explore doing lots of light CARs on that joint and on the joints directly ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ and see what you notice. You can also ALWAYS email me if you have any questions or concerns.

When's the best time to do CARs, the exercises in Joints For Life 2.0?

Any time, anywhere is a good time! But I recommend them first thing in the morning because that way they happen for sure, and they help you warm up your body for the day.

I recommend doing the entire CARs Morning Routine 1x daily, and adding in extra CARs as movement breaks, as a warm up before other physical activity or to work on improving the health and mobility of any specific joints you wish to target.

Are CARs safe for hip replacements?

Basically the answer is yes, but with care.

The movement should be modified so you don't to push into the weaker areas for the replacement.

That's typically when you externally rotate and abduct your hip - or any other contraindications that your care team has discussed with you. For that area I would recommend working in a small, careful range - do not push into it.

CARs in the hips should actually end up being very helpful since movement is so useful for healing but you want to be very conservative with your range.

If that doesn't feel like something you can do safely, you have two options - one is to work with someone like me - trained in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) - to take you through the hip work personally, or you can use the program for all the other joints, since they're all important!

Are spinal and upper back CARs & mobility work safe for osteoporosis?

If you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, please learn neck, upper back and spinal CARs by working 1-1 with a Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist like myself or a Functional Range Release Spine certified manual therapist, ideally one who specializes in working with people with these issues. In general spinal CARs are not a huge load and movement is helpful for bodies, but there is a risk of fracture so it's a better idea to get personalized coaching.

I'm pregnant/recently post-partum - can I still do CARs?

CARs should be a great option for you, because they'll help you build muscular control. Since relaxin impacts connective tissue and not muscles, it's a great time to get your muscles connected and online. I do recommend using a few modifications.

First, you should use lighter irradiation/body tension, especially later in pregnancy and post-partum - instead, prioritize frequency. Don't push to reach your absolute end ranges, and really listen to your body - if it hurts, skip it! Post-partum, relaxin usually sticks around for a year or so, so keep it light during that time. Especially keep tension light if you have any pelvic floor or diastasis recti symptoms because you don't want to add pressure to those issues.

Where do CARs come from?

CARs were created as a foundational piece of the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) system approach to joint health and mobility. You can learn more about FRC and its associated modalities at the Functional Anatomy Systems website. You may also enjoy this podcast from FRC creator Dr. Andreo Spina talking about the origins of human movement.

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$45 USD


100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Full refund, no questions asked, available within 30 days of purchase.

Want more details on Petra's teaching background? Petra was certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist by Nutritious Movement in January 2013 and has completed over 200 hours of additional continuing education training from Nutritious Movement since that time. She is a teacher trainer for Nutritious Movement, and an instructor for the international Move Your DNA workshop program. She was certified as a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist in March, 2019 (where CARs come from) and has also taken the Kinstretch and Advanced CARs trainings with Functional Anatomy Seminars. In addition, she's taken the MovNat 1 certification and taken additional training from Jill Miller, Tom Myers, Ian Markow, Hunter Fitness and more.