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You'll learn how to build your movement skills & capacity, troubleshoot nagging body issues, and create the resilience & strength you need to follow your dreams at every age!


Curious about what's possible? Hear what my current members are saying

"I am absolutely loving Petra's Take 10 Program! I do have a long way to go to get through the entire program, but I can certainly feel the benefits to my movement and my well being. The knowledge I have gained is incredible, and often it is the smallest little thing that makes a huge difference. Petra's tips are fantastic, and her presentation style is friendly, generous and concise.  There is never any pressure and I feel she has a wonderful ability to make everyone feel comfortable at whatever level they are at. Petra makes herself available to her membership community via email and social media, is very responsive to questions, and is amazingly supportive and committed.  Her knowledge is incredible, but it is her passion that is infectious!  All I can say is get yourself Petrafied!!!!"

- Mary

"I am over 70. A daily movement practice is essential because I have to keep moving so I can keep moving. And I don't mean just walking or other "exercise" (although walking/exercise is good). A daily movement practice consists of all those other movements that our muscles, joints, bones and all the other bits need to stay fit and healthy. Our modern lifestyle of convenience and excess sitting removes a lot of opportunities for that movement.

That's where Petra's Take10 Program comes in. It gives me an opportunity to learn and practice many of those movement bits, so I can incorporate more healthy movement into my day. The Take10 Program is so helpful! It's chock-full of so much great information. Each lesson usually takes about 10 minutes. The main challenge for me is keeping up. But the great thing is I can do them whenever and wherever I want, skip around, repeat, whatever. And the best part is incorporating what I'm learning into my daily life -- even when I'm not "in class" -- remembering alignment tips like "ribs down" or "hips back over heels" when I'm standing. And the CARS are golden for keeping my achy old joints moving.

I highly recommend Petra's Take10 Program. It's a great movement program for the rest of your life -- the part when you're not "exercising."

- Julie

"Petra is so knowledgeable about movement and the body. She is an excellent teacher who communicated complex information very simply. Take10 helps you take an overwhelming amount of body knowledge and condenses into useful weekly videos that anyone can do and make progress with. She is very body positive, too."

- Clare

"Petra is a great teacher and manages to reach through the screen with her words and give you the exact adjustment you need just when you need it. I love that I can fit a class in before a walk, work, or running errands and feel like I'm gaining so much in a short period of time. On the days I have a chunk of time, I dive deeper and take a few classes in a row. And then I have the favorites that I revisit over and over. The variety of options for how I use Take10 ensures that I keep moving."

 - Renee

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"I love how Petra is continuing her education and making Take10 that much better. When I first joined the program I thought there would be repetition or an inevitable end -- how wrong I was! Petra is constantly creating quality content! And I love how to-the-point she is in the videos -- thank you for being respectful of our time."

- Tricia

"Take10 completely changed the way I move, for the better. Petra is an incredible instructor and delivers incredible value and education through this program. Take10 has so many classes touching on every major issue we encounter from having sedentary bodies, from shoulder and wrist to ankle mobility to pelvic floor health and more. I highly recommend learning from Petra if you want to feel better in your body." -Liz

"Petra Fisher’s Take 10 program has been a game changer for me. I just turned 65 and I feel like my body is working so much better. It is a program that is truly for all ages and all abilities. Petra gives you knowledge to use in everything you do, all day. Movement is life and Take10 is about both!"

- Janice

When you move better, you live better.

With Take10, you'll learn how to take care of your body with better movement...in bite sized chunks that actually fit your life. Zero overwhelm, lots of support, and a body that feels amazing!