Take10 Movement Coaching Membership

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Take10 is the movement coaching membership for busy people who want to go from feeling frustrated & limited by body aches & pains to nurturing their health & finding joy in their body with awareness, confidence & capacity.

"I’ve been loving the Take10 program and your monthly Zoom sessions!

It’s perfect so that I don’t feel overwhelmed, especially over the holidays when I just didn’t have time for anything other than CARS (which have become a start to my day that I HATE to miss!)."

- Jan Barry

PSA: Feeling great in your body isn’t something you have to lose as soon as you turn twenty one.

But it sure does seem like it sometimes, doesn’t it?

You’ve been to chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors & acupuncturists. 

You’ve put together what you’ve learned from the ‘experts’ on Instagram. 

You’ve managed to figure out some of the pieces of the puzzle (it seems). 

And maybe you’ve even tried some exercise & movement programs (but you still don’t feel like you actually have the answers).

You've made some progress, but you're missing parts because things still don’t feel good.

Important parts (maybe you're not quite sure which ones?)

So you still wake up in the morning feeling stiff & achy. Being in pain when you’re just trying to do normal stuff like walking and hiking. Struggling with sneeze pee. Wishing you could get into that comfortable resting squat.

And that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, frightened and sick of wasting your time and money on practitioners & programs that just never seem to help. 

You know that if you could just get a clear path forward, you could do the work to heal and enjoy your active life again. 

So you need to know that you’re doing the right stuff for your unique body. 

You need confidence.

You need guidance. 

And - let’s face it - you also need to fit it into your busy life!

You need a program that helps you learn better movement from the ground up so you can tackle your unique body goals head on.

A program that helps you build a truly functional & resilient body so you can do whatever you love most - at any age!

That gives you whole body solutions you can feel confident about but also doesn’t paralyze you with overwhelm or demand hours of work every week. 


And that’s exactly what you’ll find in Take10!

"I am absolutely loving Petra's Take10 Program!

I can certainly feel the benefits to my movement and my well being. The knowledge I have gained is incredible, and often it is the smallest little thing that makes a huge difference.

Petra's tips are fantastic, and her presentation style is friendly, generous and concise.  There is never any pressure and I feel she has a wonderful ability to make everyone feel comfortable at whatever level they are at. Petra makes herself available to her membership community via email and social media, is very responsive to questions, and is amazingly supportive and committed. 

Her knowledge is incredible, but it is her passion that is infectious! 

All I can say is get yourself Petrafied!!!!."

- Mary Andreotta

Here’s how you’ll travel from body pain & frustration to having the capacity and confidence to live the active life you dream about.

When you sign up for Take10, you get a membership program that offers an ever-growing library of bite-sized 10-15 minute movement classes, a done-for-you program to help you build a healthier way of moving, and clear, friendly, supportive coaching so you never feel lost on your journey.

Here’s what you get:

  • An Actual Plan: You’ll find classes organized from the ground up - and printable planners - so you know exactly what to do your first week, your first month, your first year and for as long as you’re a member (we hope forever! Movement is a life long journey!)
  • Class Library - on demand access to 140+ tiny classes - your personal movement tool box to learn, heal, and build new skills & capacity (plus we add new classes, bonuses & FAQs every single month).
  • Playlists organized to help you work on your personal projects - including Feet & Ankles, Pelvic Floor, Spine & Core, Hips, Knees & Hamstrings, & Shoulders (Neck to Fingers), Breathing, Walking, Squatting, Joint Mobility & more -  that you can use as your go-to resource whenever you face a specific body challenge.
  • Monthly Live Coaching calls - a monthly LIVE session that could be a joint mobility class, a solution-focused movement class or an in-depth webinar - so you can go deep on things that deserve more time.
  • Mini Moves - A treasure trove of short exercises you can use as a super quick reference while you build your personal practice.
  • Support -  Our amazing Facebook community gives you direct access to Petra’s coaching any time you have questions!
  • Accountability - Want a bit of help sticking to your plan? We’ll help you find an accountability partner to work with so you can both reach your movement goals!

"If you are tired of being in pain, I can with utmost confidence recommend Petra to you. 

You’ll know after just one session that you’ve found the right prescription for your overall health!"

- Diana M.

"I am over 70. A daily movement practice is essential because I have to keep moving so I can keep moving.

The Take10 Program is so helpful! It's chock-full of so much great information.

I highly recommend Petra's Take10 Program. It's a great movement program for the rest of your life -- the part when you're not "exercising."

- Julie