The movement program for self-motivated people who want guided support to create a movement-based lifestyle.

(So you can have extra decades of being active, mobile and doing what you love most)...

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PSA: Feeling great in your body isn’t something you have to lose as soon as you turn twenty one.

But it sure seems like it sometimes, doesn’t it?

You’ve been to chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors, and acupuncturists.

You’ve pieced together some helpful tips from the ‘experts’ on Instagram.

You’ve managed to figure out some of the pieces of the puzzle (it seems).

Maybe you’ve even tried some exercise and movement programs (but you still don’t feel like you have the answers you need).

You've made some progress, but you're missing pieces, because your body still doesn’t feel good.
Important pieces (maybe you're not quite sure which ones?)

So you still wake up in the morning feeling stiff and achy…

You’re in pain, just trying to do normal stuff (like walking or sleeping). Struggling with sneeze pee. Wishing you could get into that comfortable resting squat you really need for gardening.

And that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, frightened…

And sick of wasting your time and money on practitioners (and programs!) that just never seem to help.

You know if you could just get a clear path forward to understand the issue, you could do the work to heal and enjoy your active life again.

So you need to know you’re doing the right stuff for your unique body.

You need confidence.

You need guidance.

And (let’s face it) you also need it to fit into your busy life!

Let me first reassure you…

Your body has the incredible potential to heal, no matter how old you are.

Our bodies evolved to be active, strong, and functional at every age… 

So if you give your body the kind, nurturing movement it needs, you can have a body that just “works!” 

A body that feels good, and helps you do everything you love…

And beyond basic body functioning—trust me when I say… you can learn to move with fluidity, strength and grace… in ways you may not have thought were possible.

Take10 will take you on a journey from body pain and frustration—to having the capacity and confidence to live the active life you dream about.

When you join Take 10, you’ll build skills in key human patterns from walking to squatting, crawling to balancing, joint mobility to breathing and so much more.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a strong foundation with juicy, feel-good CARs. Practicing Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) is one of the single most powerful ways to support your mobility, body-awareness and wellness.
  • Restore your feet. Because of conventional shoes, most of us have super sad feet, and our feet have an extra big impact on the rest of our bodies. Getting happier feet (and switching to better shoes), with smart exercises for your feet & hips translates to all day, whole body wellness.
  • Optimize your breathing & core function. The way you breathe can support your pelvic floor, core, and spine—or be a major contributor to issues like pelvic organ prolapse, back pain, and even digestive issues.
  • Detox from screens. Our necks, shoulders, elbows, and wrists are often under-moved, super sticky, and carry a lot of pain and tension (since our bodies are designed to do more than work on screens and keyboards all day!) Learn to let go of tension and build a solid foundation for more upper body strength and mobility.
  • Start sitting better. Better sitting means happier hips, higher metabolism, and more core strength—without taking more time out of your day. Yes, I mean more time sitting on the floor, but we can sit better in chairs as well.
  • Work on your walking. A LOT of what I teach in Take10 will support your walking, but specifically working on walking capacity gives you 10,000 steps a day of opportunities to deliver more goodness to your body. Walking is an essential human movement pattern for long term health: our bone density, hips, knees, feet, pelvic floor, and spine all depend on gait and it can have a huge impact on digestion, breathing, cardio, and even muscle mass!
  • Focus on functional feet. Bunions, plantar fasciitis and ‘overpronation’ tend to run together—and often reflect a combination of weak foot muscles, tight calves and hamstrings, and challenges with hip external rotation control. Working on these patterns can restore your foot function & build strong, mobile arches (& deliver a ton of love to your hips & pelvic floor too). 
  • Nurture your knees. You’ll work to release tension around the fronts, backs, and sides of your knees, build hip strength to take some of the load off your knees, and increase your control and capacity for going down hills and stairs -🔥 if long hikes are on your bucket list!
  • Mobilize your upper back. Hyperkyphosis (a sticky, hyper-flexed upper back) is very widespread, often hidden until it’s too late, and contributes big time to osteoporosis, poor lung function, and neck and shoulder pain. And it feels amazing to reconnect to your spinal mobility!
  • Restore your resting squat. Regardless of how far down you can get, doing the work to improve your squat capacity will benefit your knees, hips, and pelvic floor big time.
  • Build upper body strength & mobility. Muscle mass is a HUGE deal as we get older and we lose it first in our upper bodies. Learning how to safely and effectively load our upper bodies gives us access to fun movements like crawling, plank, downdog, and hanging from the monkey bars.
  • Become a badass! Explore fluid and playful natural movement options that’ll build bodyweight strength, agility, and efficiency for real-world challenges like hiking and scrambling.
  • Go waaaaayyyyy beyond Kegels to nourish true pelvic floor strength and function. Our pelvic floors are ‘ground zero’ for movement related injuries - so learning to breathe better, creating functional core strength, sitting, walking, squatting and hanging with good technique, and mobilizing your hips are the true keys to pelvic floor health. All of which is exactly what Take10 is about.

Plus, all along the way you’ll…

  • Restore (and use) ranges of motion that many of us have lost in our modern lives
  • Add variety in your movement so you use your body more fully
  • Decrease unhelpful compensations and develop more beneficial patterns
  • Move in the right amounts, and respect your current physical boundaries
  • Improve your fluidity, control, and strength to nurture wellness with your every move
  • Discover your body’s blind spots, and reconnect with them!
  • Learn how to work effectively on your unique body issues
  • And become your body’s BFF by giving more of your cells the movement they’re craving

This in-depth movement course doesn’t replace the activities you already love—it helps you do them better!

And you can start to make real, solid progress in only 10-15 minutes a day.

Many people (just like you) are excited for a lifestyle of better movement, but they aren’t sure where to start…

So I designed Take 10 as a step-by-step (and totally do-able!) program that will help you know EXACTLY where to start. 

Where you can start to feel real, lasting benefits in just 10-15 minutes a day. In as little as a few short weeks.

Without the overwhelm (because I know there's a lot to learn). And with the confidence that you're always on track and building on your progress!

If you’re a movement pro, or someone who likes to pick and choose your own adventure…

You’ll always have access to the full Take10 trove of treasures.

  • On demand (and searchable) access to our ever-growing library of 150+ movement classes
  • 2 brand new 10-15 minute classes added every single month
  • Done-for-you playlists to help you target your unique goals, whether it’s a body issue you’re working on or building an essential movement skill
  • A growing toolbox of Mini Moves (short 'n sweet exercises your body will love - that you can do any time, anywhere - no matter how busy you are) 
  • 6 LIVE Coaching Calls each year. These include mobility deep-dives, movement classes or in-depth webinars — and a chance to ask Petra your questions in real time!
  • Tons of practical tips for adding more movement to your everyday life
  • Support from Petra, every step of the way, so you never need to wonder if you’re ‘doing it right’
  • Our exclusive members-only FB community where you can go with questions, share your successes, and get support from other people on the same movement journey.
  • And if you want a bit more accountability, we’ll even match you with a partner so you can work on your movement journey with a new friend!

And so, so much more.

Since working with Petra, I have learned an incredible amount about my body. It has changed the way I work with my body, how I move all day, and also how I teach. It’s changed everything! In the best possible way. I would highly recommend Petra to anyone, but especially people who have a movement background, or teach some form of body movement. On top of all of that, Petra is just a really nice person. She is fun, funny, and laid back. Working with Petra is really enjoyable, and I would recommend her to anyone!

Lisa A. - Yoga and Pilates teacher

"I’ve been loving the Take10 program and your monthly Zoom sessions!

It’s perfect so that I don’t feel overwhelmed, especially over the holidays when I just didn’t have time for anything other than CARS (which have become a start to my day that I HATE to miss!)."

- Jan Barry

"I am absolutely loving Petra's Take10 Program!

I can certainly feel the benefits to my movement and my well being. The knowledge I have gained is incredible, and often it is the smallest little thing that makes a huge difference.

Petra's tips are fantastic, and her presentation style is friendly, generous and concise.  There is never any pressure and I feel she has a wonderful ability to make everyone feel comfortable at whatever level they are at. Petra makes herself available to her membership community via email and social media, is very responsive to questions, and is amazingly supportive and committed. 

Her knowledge is incredible, but it is her passion that is infectious! 

All I can say is get yourself Petrafied!!!!."

- Mary Andreotta

"I'm in Take10 and it really is perfect...10 minutes, great instruction, very doable. It's affordable while being chock full of great information in manageable increments."

Patricia Cloud

"I want to continue my Take10 membership. The price is well worth it. You obviously put a lot of thought and work into the content. It's very helpful and valuable stuff.

J. Campbell

"I always come back to Petra and find her bite-sized classes not only very worthwhile, but also inspirational in getting me to incorporate small things in my day. I feel like I am building my knowledge base with her explanations, no matter which class I do. Bottom line, her Take10 program is a gold mine."

-- Barbara Postman